Compliance Resources

Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies at CSU encompasses many different subject areas and comprises an important part of the responsibilities of all CSU employees. Some areas have highly specialized compliance requirements to meet (such as financial aid, research, and environmental health, to name just a few), while other regulations apply generally across the entire university (for example, state laws respecting conflicts of interest of state employees). The following resources are provided to assist the campus community in understanding various compliance requirements and tools, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Compliance Reporting Hotline

The CSU System’s Compliance Reporting Hotline provides a mechanism for employees, students, and constituents of all three institutions (CSU, CSU-Pueblo, and CSU-Global Campus) to report issues, in good faith, regarding compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. The Reporting Hotline allows anyone to report issues anonymously if they wish to do so. The issues reported will be reviewed by the appropriate officials to determine if further investigation and actions are warranted. To register a compliance concern, click the link above or call (855) 263-1884.

CSU Compliance Matrix 2023

This chart provides an outline of compliance requirements that apply to CSU, and related resources. It is based on the matrix published by the Higher Education Compliance Alliance.

Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office (RICRO)

RICRO provides assistance to researchers, staff, and the faculty oversight committees in maintaining an ethical environment for activities in the following research and teaching areas:

RICRO may be contacted at: 970-491-1553 /

Environmental Health Services (EHS)

EHS is responsible for providing environmental, occupational health, and safety services to the campus through education, consultation, monitoring and planning. Areas of compliance in which EHS is involved include asbestos abatement, biosafety, radiation safety, food sanitation, chemical safety, and many others. Contact EHS with questions or concerns regarding air quality, water quality, lab/building safety, safety planning, emergency response procedures, or any of the areas listed on the EHS website. EHS may be reached at: 970-491-6745 /

Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence

Many resources exist at CSU to support the University’s commitment to ending sexual harassment and sexual violence in our campus community. The Office of Support and Safety Assessment provides helpful information and links to resources. Other excellent resources include the Women and Gender Advocacy Center, the Office of Equal Opportunity’s Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment web page, and the REFRAME website.